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Being a mama, a wife, a business owner and a brand developer has many rewarding aspects, but it also has its drawbacks. If I don’t check in with myself often, I can easy feel run down and out of balance. In all these different avenues of my life, there are so many rewarding moments but also moments where I can easily lose myself and the centering/core being of who I am. I learned very quickly that the most important way I can keep pushing through with good energy and flow is to create a system; a routine, something I like to call rituals. Rituals have become my mantra and the reason why I developed our the Vie Healing products and have recently launched my new line of of soaps, bath salts, towels, along side my adaptogen supplements and teas. My ideal self-care involves taking regular routines out of the box and to the next level, allowing for a sense of self-worth and presence. By creating routines and an oh-so-necessary self-care rituals, I’ve found that I can create a space that’s sacred and nourishing to the soul.

Routines and rituals I stick to_


AM Ritual_ Beginning and ending the day with intention allows time for relaxation and being present in that moment. Before I get out of bed, I give myself at least 20 to decompress and chill. Between my current office and opening new locations, as well as being a mom, there is no real ‘chill’ in the day. It’s non-stop. Jumping out of bed and starting my day puts a level of stress on me emotionally, so I’ve chosen to give myself a bit of time in the morning to just be. Also, allowing the body to rev up naturally is very beneficial for our adrenals. Also, if I have extra time, this is my favorite time to play with my son Zac in bed. He’s all love and cuddles in the morning. Spending an extra 15-20 minutes of just us time fills my heart before getting up. 

PM Ritual_ One word_ baths. After my husband and I cook together and bond over our days, we get our son ready for his bath and bedtime. Then its my turn; my night time bath is the reset button of my day.  Taking a bath or a shower before bed relaxes my entire mind and body. Lighting a few candles, using essential oil or taking a floral-infused bath takes this ritual to the next level. I get really creative in these moments because I literally take the time to release and let go. Thoughts start flowing and from there, I plan my next day, create my vision and intention and move forward. After the bath or shower, I head over to the couch, snuggle up, talk and chill with hubs and drink my nighttime tea. Lastly, at night, I take the time before falling asleep to give thanks and appreciation for what is going on in my life. 


2. TEA 

Drinking my Vie Healing Detox or Happy tea in the mornings and and the Calm tea in the evenings, allows me to reset and unwind! Theres something about sitting and enjoying a cup of tea that feels the most nourishing and even indulgent in terms or relaxation. I never drink my tea walking around or while i’m in the middle of something.

3. Having something to look forward to mid day, gives me supreme happiness. Separating the day between morning, afternoon and evening, allows time to check in and nourish the soul. For me personally, I wait to have my coffee until mid-day, for various health reasons but also because I look so forward to my mid day coffee break. 

4. Taking adaptogen supplements, like my Happy supplements – our bodies are always shifting with the environment around us, so its really important for me to check it so see what I need an to supply and nourish internally. I feel an incredible boost from the supplements and notice a difference in my energy level.

5. Acupuncture – throwing it into my schedule at least 2 times a week. I talk about this daily with my patients, but giving our nervous system a jumpstart and a work out is key to maintenance. With weeks that I miss my acupuncture, I feel such a difference in my mood, energy and digestion. Keeping an internal self care ritual like acupuncture really assists me with going strong. 

6. The most important and rewarding of all my rituals is taking time out of my week, especially on weekends, and just spending quality time with my baby and husband. We try to stay off our phones all of Saturday and just focus on whats in front of us. Our intention is to turn the world off for just a few hours and focus on just being and connecting with one another. Taking walks, enjoying amazing brunches, meeting friends and family and just chilling and BEING. This weekend ritual sets me up for the rest of my week. It resets the stressors of the week and makes me feeling truly whole. 

Rituals have become my inner compass. Although I love the spontaneity in life because so much magic comes through during those moments, I’ve needed this level of grounding as things have become more serious and business-driven, and my personal time has become more scarce. I really value these little moments, whether they are 5 minutes or 30 minutes, they mean the world to me and keep me centered in the midst of the chaos of my various roles in life.