About Ear Seeds



24K Gold Ear Seeds


What are they?

Our Ear seeds are gold pellets that produce a long acting, continuous compression effect on both ear and body points. This technique has been used for over 2500 years and is currently used in battlefields for soldiers dealing with PTSD, pain, insomnia, trauma and more. It's also used in addiction clinics for cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. Not only are they beautiful but they are very effective. 24k gold plated magnets keep the blood circulating but sending signals through the pressure points of the ears to the reflex centers of the brain.



You may have seen us at local events throughout Los Angeles providing Ear Seeds to customers. From the ShapeBodyShop event in Downtown Los Angeles held by Neiman Marcus, to the Wango-Tango Event in Hollywood to the In Goop Health Event held by Gwyneth Paltrow, you may see our ever so popular 24K Gold Ear Seeds popping up at events near you! If you are an event planner and have interest in bringing Vie Healing to your event, please contact us at Hello@viehealing.com

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Book an appointment or purchase online!

If it is your first time getting 24K Gold Ear Seeds, we recommendation you come in and visit us! Our Acupuncture therapists will provide the placement of the Ear Seeds as well as further further educate you on different pressure points within the ear. If you are unable to come in and visit us and would still like to try them out, that is no problem at all! You can purchase a 20-pack online and put them on at home!


Add-on to your current treatments

If you come in to Vie Healing for some of out other services such as Acupuncture, Massage, Cupping, or Moxa, you can simply add on these 24K Gold Ear Seeds to your treatment at a discounted price! Adding them onto your other treatments can cost as low as $12 under insurance or $15 without insurance.