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Meet Our Practitioners

Devin Geser, L.Ac.

Devin Geser, L.Ac. is a board certified and licensed Acupuncturist, Herbal Pharmacologist and Primary Care Medical Provider. Devin's specialties are adolescent and pediatric medicine, she also treats adults. Additional specialties are: cosmetic acupuncture and acupuncture for stress management/emotional balance along with treating physical injuries and pain.Devin was educated at University of California, Los Angeles and at American Jewish University in Bel Air, California. She completed her dual degree in acupuncture and herbal pharmacology with a concentration on holistic nutrition at Dong Guk University of Traditional Oriental Medicine, a premier world leader in modern Complimentary and Functional Medicine, located in Los Angeles, California and Seoul, South Korea.Devin also holds additonal certifications in Anusara/hatha and Iyengar-style yoga and is a certified reiki practitioner along with having a meditation/ hypnotherapy background.

Andrea Tijmes, L.Ac.

Andrea is a natural healer, drawn to holistic practices that emphasize healthy choices and balanced lifestyles. She received her Masters’ degree from Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine after serving as a Health & Nutrition coach. Andrea utilizes a combination of herbs, diet therapy and acupuncture to create an optimized environment for healing. Working with Andrea gives patients the opportunity to realize that there are many avenues to a successful, balanced life. Passionate about women’s health in particular, Andrea also places emphasis on natural anti-aging methods. In addition to her training in treating fertility and women’s health, Andrea’s cosmetic acupuncture & facial rejuvenation treatments focus on stimulating collagen production and smoothing wrinkles, to promote a more youthful appearance.

Dr. Kenneth (Kenny) Mittelstadt, DACM, DC, L.Ac

Dr. Kenneth (Kenny) Mittelstadt, DACM, DC, L.Ac. is duly licensed as a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and a Doctor of Chiropractic.By using an array of holistic tools he’s mastered through years of dedicated education, he strives to empower patients and facilitate advancements in their personal wellness journeys.Dr. Kenny’s specialties include mental and emotional wellness, stress relief for the overworked, including women entrepreneurs, Chinese herbal medicine, pain management, digestive regulation, and chronic overuse conditions in visual and performing artists. Dr. Kenny believes that optimal health and wellness are a direct manifestation of balance, a foundational concept in Chinese medicine, chiropractic, and biomedicine alike! He was also fortunate to study abroad in China and Taiwan on three occasions in different hospital systems, where he observed the synergistic connection between the fundamental historical truths of Traditional Chinese Medicine being integrated within the current biomedical model.

Janet Cho, L.Ac.

My family name is Cho. I came from Hong Kong where biomedicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are practiced side by side. I am your licensed acupuncturist and herbalist. I received a Master Degree in Oriental Medicine from Dongguk University Los Angeles and an internship at Dongzhimen Hospital in Beijing China. My goal is to find out where you are at on your wellness journey and provide support where appropriate. Acupuncture and herbal practices have been enjoying tremendous clinical results for thousands of yeas. I hope that my training and knowledge will provide care for you physically, mentally and spiritually.

Tylynn Mackenzie, CMT

Tylynn Mackenzie is a Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Astrologer, Yomassage Teacher and a Modern-Day Vision Singer practicing Shamanic techniques like soul/power animal retrieval. She began her healing journey in 2015 while recovering from a toxic, abusive relationship. She had no idea massage would be the catalyst to open up so many beautiful modalities of healing! Massage therapy helped her heal her relationship to the pain her body was storing from trauma. Reiki helped her heal her relationship to her energetic body and heightened her intuitive abilities. Astrology and Shamanic Healing Techniques helped her heal her relationship to her soul and to her divine purpose! Now she is on a mission to assist humanity in rebuilding trust with all aspects of our soul! She offers a nuturing, slow style of massage that relaxes the client's muscles for deep tissue and trigger point release. She is also trained in pregnancy massage, geriatric massage, gua sha, vacuum cupping, aromatherapy and Yomassage, which blends restorative yoga with massage. She also offers reiki healing. Blending all of the modalities she's interested in is something she's very passionate about for her own personal healing and also for yours. 

Connor Senning, CMT

Connor Senning, CMT has a deep interest in helping people reach their health and healing goals. He utilizes his styles in manual therapy with a focus on relieving pain and restoring balance in the body. As an experienced dancer and movement practitioner, Connor fully attends to each clients' needs, interweaving practiced skill and clear presence. Whether you desire a deeply indulgent massage, work on long-term injuries and trauma he is able to meet you where you are on your journey. Connor is experienced in myofascial release, deep tissue techniques, Swedish and sports massage.


I cannot say enough fantastic things about Vie Healing and Mona!!! I moved to LA a year ago and have chronic health issues and pain. I was beyond lucky to find Mona and her magic needles! She has helped not only with my pain but I have more energy. I have been using acupuncture for 20 years and can honestly say Mona is the best acupuncturist I've ever been to. An added bonus is her calming influence, every session feels like a spa treatment with a good friend. Thank you Mona for everything!!!

Casey, Los Angeles

I have been to medical doctors, nutritionists, and Chinese healers who placed me on various medications and extremely strict diets, none of which were conducive to long-term, lifestyle changes. What I appreciate most about seeing Mona is her patient and realistic approach. She didn't promise a significant change over night. That was refreshing and more validating than a doctor or healer who promises you a magic solution. Mona encourages me to live a balanced life without a rigid, overly-cautious and stressful regimen.

Jessica, Los Angeles