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Placement of hair thin needles in strategic points of the body to stimulate the nervous system and elicit a healing response from the brain.


Application and movement of suctioning cups to stimulate blood flow for the reduction of pain, inflammation, illness, and fatigue.


A manual treatment which manipulates soft tissues of the body in order to reduce pain, tension, and stress. All massages are custom tailored to individual needs of patient.

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People Love Us, So Will You

"Initially a skeptic, I have found my acupuncture treatments to benefit me greatly. From treating anxiety, restlessness, quieting-of-the-mind to cramps, sore muscles, overall exhaustion and hormonal imbalances, each time we address a myriad of issues or daily sensations, I leave a new person."

STACIE - los angeles

"I've truly never experienced this level of professionalism within my alternative practitioners. This office is incredibly clean, beautiful and serene. My upper back pain completely gone and I'm able to continue my usual exercise routine finally. I've seen results with my hair skin and nails too, you can't beat that!"

vida b - los angeles

"I've been looking for an acupuncturist for a few weeks now, found this place and am so happy. They are so friendly and I already feel so much better since the couple treatments I've had. I highly recommend this place."

nancy s. - los angeles

"Hands down the best wellness experience in LA. Friendly, knowledgeable staff, and the ear seeding is a must!"