Mona Dan

“When the music changes so does the dance, so empty your cup and open your mind because within holistic medicine, health is managed with an entirely new dance. ”
— Mona Dan

VIE HEALING was created by Mona Dan_ Acupuncturist, herbalist, tea lover, traveler, mama, holistic lifestyle leader, and passionate health educator.

VIE HEALING represents a holistic lifestyle that goes far beyond health fads, juicing and quick fixes. It’s a healing medicine, merged together with the wisdom of the east and the knowledge of the west, offered for those seeking out wellness, healing and longevity.

VIE HEALING'S Tea and Supplements, were created to bring a lifestyle ritual into the daily lives of the ones seeking true change. Deliciously blended into daily cups of tea's and plant based nourishment from powerful ancient formulations, each sip and each dose of our remedies builds natural healing, vitality and vibrancy.

People come to us to find the root of issues, gain a new perspective on health + wellness, and high-powered natural remedies.


About the founder 

Mona Dan is a leading acupuncturist, specializing in Traditional Oriental Medicine and using healing treatments and tools to help reignite inner vitality and vibrancy. By identifying the underlying imbalances and making proper diagnosis, Mona has made reputable changes in the health and well being of her patients. Mona is experienced in Nutrition, Women’s Health, Pain Relief and Overall Rejuvenation.

Mona owns a successful acupuncture business in Beverly Hills and is expanding to a second location in West Hollywood. After treating thousands of patients, she learned the deep importance of investing in one’s body through holistic means of practice, knowledge and nutrition.

The VIE HEALING line of herbal teas and supplements was formulated to address the most common underlying issues Mona saw in her patients. She created the VIE HEALING products with the intention of inspiring individuals to take responsibility for their health, by building lasting daily rituals to give their body a gentle boost to feel their best.

Mona studied Chinese Medicine at Emperors College of Oriental Medicine and and went on to receive her Masters in Traditional Oriental Medicine. Mona herself has experienced the best healing treatments worldwide ranging from acupuncture, Ayurveda, massage therapy, Reiki and other modalities, in America and also through her travels in the heart of Russia, to the opulent cultures of India, through the Turkish Baths and hamams of Turkey.


Mona is truly gifted.  Upon meeting her, I was welcomed by a warm smile and calming effect.  Her intuition is truly awe inspiring. With a gentle touch and her natural ease of listening, understanding, identifying and engaging, she immediately had an impact on my mind, body and spirit. Initially a skeptic, I've found my acupuncture treatments and specifically Mona's presence, to benefit me greatly.  From treating anxiety, restlessness, quieting-of-the-mind to cramps, sore muscles, overall exhaustion and hormonal imbalances, each time we address a myriad of issues or daily sensations, I leave a new person. If entering her office with exhaustion, I leave energized.  If I find myself in need of calm and relaxation, I find that there as well. Equal parts wise, beautiful, warm and witty, Mona is a natural.  She offers a variety of services and her signature herbal blends, be it tea or supplements, should not be overlooked...they are wonderful! A modern office with Mona at the helm,               Vie is both beautifully appointed and affordable. Book an appointment and feel the difference!

-Stacie, Beverly Hills

I cannot say enough fantastic things about Vie Healing and Mona!!! I moved to LA a year ago and have chronic health issues and pain. I was beyond lucky to find Mona and her magic needles! She has helped not only with my pain but I have more energy. I have been using acupuncture for 20 years and can honestly say Mona is the best acupuncturist I've ever been to. An added bonus is her calming influence, every session feels like a spa treatment with a good friend. Thank you Mona for everything!!!

- Casey, Los Angeles

I have been to medical doctors, nutritionists, and Chinese healers who placed me on various medications and extremely strict diets, none of which were conducive to long-term, lifestyle changes. What I appreciate most about seeing Mona is her patient and realistic approach. She didn't promise a significant change over night. That was refreshing and more validating than a doctor or healer who promises you a magic solution. Mona encourages me to live a balanced life without a rigid, overly-cautious and stressful regimen.

-Jessica, Los Angeles


I have been experiencing chronic pain similar to the "growing pains" we have as children; however, no one has ever been able to diagnose my condition. It's always the case that when doctors can't find a solution, they turn to the "stress" explanation and recommend eastern medicine. While it may be true that my pain is not organic and possibly emotionally rooted, my pain has decreased from 4 days a week to just 1 day a week within the first month! I'm looking forward to the day when I can't remember the last time I felt pain. I have a feeling it won't be too long from now! 

Thanks, Mona! :) 

- C.K, Los Angeles


I went into my first appointment with Mona as somewhat of a skeptic.  However, as sciatica has been in ever increasing issue, I decided to try out acupuncture rather than going the traditional western medicine route of meds, meds, meds, and I am so happy I did!  Mona has such a relaxing presence and her touch is so gentle I hardly notice as she is placing the needles.  Leaving my appointments I feel relaxed, refreshed, and I can feel the acupuncture making a difference the same day as my appointment.  Highly recommend Mona! She explains everything she id doing and makes eastern medicine accessible to those of us only familiar with the western way of going to the doctor.

- Linsey, Los Angeles