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Elevate your wellness by targeting your nervous system and immunity.


Elevate your wellness through a monthly membership plan that targets the regulation of your nervous system and immunity. Giving your nervous system a workout to enhance the quality of your life and also preserve your adrenal energy.
Our monthly membership gives you the opportunity to invest in your health through affordable treatments plans and products that will allow you to achieve your wellness goals.
Lets us take care of you.

Do you have healthcare through your employer?

You could be covered for all these services through your insurance! We accept most PPO insurance for Acupuncture, Massage and Cupping.

To have your insurance benefits checked please submit your information to us by emailing the following:

Front and back of your insurance card, Photo ID and phone number. If you don’t have PPO Insurance we’ve curated a special membership package for you!


Acupuncture or Massage treatment
2 24k Gold Ear Seed applications


$99 each additional (50min) Acupuncture & Massage
$65 each (30min) Acupuncture Reset treatment
20% off all services, add-ons & products

Additional monthly exclusive products & services announcments!


Our commitment to you is forever, but your membership is commitment free after just a 2 month minimum!

Your membership subscription is on an automatically renewing basis and dues are collected on the 28th of each month. .

You may opt out at any time by emailing

before 11:59 PM on the 26th of the month in order to avoid auto-renewal for the following month.

Complimentary services are not cumulative and will be forfeit at the end of each billing cycle.

Membership treatments, discounts, and perks are non-transferrable. Only valid in West Hollywood.


Patients who schedule for a TeleMedicine session will have an initial 10 minute complimentary consultation with one of our licensed acupuncturist using Zoom Health. During your consultation your practitioner will create a customized treatment plan that best fits you.

Once you receive your wellness kit

your weekly or twice weekly guided treatment sessions with your practitioner will begin, using your kit - all from the comfort of your own home.

  • What's included in my wellness kit?
  • Kit Inclusions

Each Wellness Kit is specially customized per the patient’s diagnosis and treatment plan.

Kits will include a one month supply of all your session needs

Sharps container

Mini Press Needles

24K Gold Ear Seeds

Magnetic Pellets

Gua Sha

Herbal Pain Relief Patches

Cupping Set

Herbal Formulations

Moxibustion Kit

Menu of services