Breaking Down The Magic Of EAR SEEDS With Mona Dan Of Vie Healing

Breaking Down The Magic Of EAR SEEDS With Mona Dan Of Vie Healing

By Fashionlush

HEY GUYS!! LET’S TALK EAR SEEDS! Have you heard of them? If not- you are in for a real treat. Ear seeds are a total game changer… but before we get into the nitty gritty (with an ear seeding pro!!), let’s talk about how I became obsessed with ear seeds.

SO- about 6 years ago, I went through a phase where my anxiety was THROUGH THE ACTUAL ROOF. I could not get it under control & I was spiraling more often than I’d like. I was living alone & I just remember that time being so so so bad. I have never been quiet about my anxiety, so naturally I was telling everyone I was struggling, & someone (can’t remember who or else I’d totally give them credit) referred me to an acupuncturist. I wasn’t in love with the idea of needles all over my body, but I was desperate.

I booked an appointment & long story short- I LOVED IT.

I’d lie down on this magical woman’s table & within 3 minutes, I was sound asleep. It was ALWAYS the best one hour nap ever, the only nap I would wake up from actually feeling refreshed, & before it was time for me to go on my merry way- my acupuncturist would put in some ear seeds.

WTF ARE EAR SEEDS? Well- kind of exactly what it sounds like, tiny little balls that look like seeds & are stuck to different parts of the ear to relieve different issues. My magical acupuncturist would stick ’em on before I left with instructions to “press on” them if I start feeling anxious. I literally would do anything this woman told me, so there I was, pressing on my ears any chance I could get. They worked, & they worked GOOD. The ear seeds were always my favorite part of the treatment cause I knew I’d be chilling for dayssss after my treatment.

ANYWAYS, FFW a couple years later, I moved, & found a new acupuncturist & the experience wasn’t great. This practitioner was AMAZING, but for some reason I was having panic attacks during my sessions. Like- one time I ran out of the room with a towel on & needles protruding from me begging him to take them out ASAP. I decided to call it quits on the acupuncture for a while, but once quarantine is over, a new acupuncturist is a that the top of my to-do list. I REALLLLY MISS THOSE ONE HOUR POWER NAPS, & my ear seeds!!!

GOOD NEWS THOUGH- I GOT MY EAR SEED FIX IN THE MEANTIME! A few weeks ago, one of my friends on Instagram (what up Savanna!), sent me a link to these really effing cute ear seeds, I was thrilled!!! First of all, I miss my ear seeds. Secondly, did NOT know you could buy ear seeds & do it yourself. Lastly, THEY ARE SO CHIC OMG. I have never seen stylish ear seeds before- they literally look like a bunch of teeny tiny dainty gold piercings, which you know is so my vibe. I ordered myself a set instantly & immediately had to find out who was behind these cute ear seeds.

& that is when I stumbled across Mona Dan, the founder of Vie Healing & creator of the 24k gold ear seeds. I DM’ED her immediately & asked her to come on the blog to talk to you ALL ABOUT EAR SEEDS. All I know is that I swear by them, we needed to bring on a PRO to really break down why ear seeds are all the rage. I WILL LET HER TAKE IT FROM HERE….


♡ Introduce yourself! Tell us who you are, what you do, and anything else you’d like to include a bout your business.

Mona Dan_ Hi there, I’m Mona Dan, founder of VIE HEALING. VIE HEALING is a holistic product line supporting wellness through and through. We aim to elevate the at home experience for people who want to dive deeper into their healing. VIE HEALING also has spa locations in Los Angeles where we primarily do Chinese Medical treatments like acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, auricular therapy, massage and more!

♡ I definitely wanna talk ear seeds, but just for my own personal reasons- let’s talk acupuncture real quick. I absolutely LOVED acupuncture for my anxiety & would do it once a week for 2 years, I switched to a different acupuncturist who was absolutely amazing. We focused on anxiety, but incorporated in back pain treatments as well. For some reason I started to get massive panic attacks in the middle of the treatment. Why could this be? 

MD: Can you explain this sudden shift? It really depends on what the situation is, were treatments shifted from face up to face down? Were you properly diagnosed? Sometimes patients need less internal stimulation and movement from needles while others need more needles to feel the difference.

♡ Now let’s talk ear seeds. Ear seeds were ALWAYS my favorite part of acupuncture. I absolutely loved the relief they gave me days after my treatment. Can you tell us a little about ear seeds? How do they work? How does it tie into acupuncture medicine?

MD: yes, ear seeds are truly incredible! the stimulation of the seeds on the pressure points of the ears send signals to the reflex centers of the brain which then send the right chemicals and messages down the nervous system to the rest of the body. The ones we have are made of 24k gold magnets which give them a stronger stimulation and you don’t need to even manipulate them. They look stunning but the functional aspect of them give them a greater purpose.

♡ Do you need experience to do ear seeds at home? Walk us through how exactly to put the ear seeds on, what do when they are on, how to “charge” them, how long they stay on, & are they reusable?

MD: No, no experience required. You just need to practice one at a time and get used it it. You need to clean your ear with alcohol. Either with your finger or a tweezer lift the earseed from the paper and point it to the are you wish you apply it and press down. Nothing needed to charge them because they are magnets. If you like to stimulate them you definitely can but its not necessary. They stay on 3-5 days. The longer you keep them on, the higher the dent they leave on your ear, but the dents heal quickly. They are not reusable.

♡ When it comes to placement, how exact do you need to be? I see all the points on the chart & worry if I don’t place it perfectly, it won’t work!

MD: As long as you’re close to the area by a cm you’re totally fine! If you’re not feeling a difference in what your aiming to treat, then practice being more precise.

♡ For someone who loves aesthetics, I very much appreciate how chic your gold ear seeds are. But there is a reason for that, talk to us about the benefits of gold when it comes to your ear seeds.

MD: Gold is tonifying and magnets have a strong stimulation on the body. The body has its natural response to magnetic frequency and energy. together the magnets and gold has a great balancing effect on the body. Ear seeds are gold magnetic adaptogens for the body essentially.

♡ As mentioned above, I suffer from chronic low back pain & pretty severe anxiety. How should I be using my ear seeds & how will they help with these issues?

MD: We suggest the foundation protocol_ shen men, point zero, heart, brain & endocrine. Then add any point you find on the ridge of the ear that matches with the area of pain you have.

♡ I saw on your print out that you included with your ear seeds that there is a point for hunger & since we have been in quarantine I feel like I’ve been EXTRA hungry. Stress eating, probably. Does this point really work to curb cravings? I am getting married in 4 months & the snacking has got to stop if I plan to get into my wedding dress haha.

MD: Yes! people swear by this point! I’d suggest adding the foundation protocol with it!

♡ Lastly, are ear seeds good for everyone? Is there anyone who shouldn’t use them?

MD: Everyone can use them. I’d just make sure to remove them between the 3-5 day period so the dent on the ear doesn’t bother you!