a hollistic approach to employee wellbeing

Our curation gives our community a haven of relaxation to live a happier and healthier life. You can boost your team's morale and show appreciation with our corporate wellness package.

Corporate Wellness Packages

An investment in employee health is an investment in your company. As health care costs and chronic illness continue to rise, hundreds of studies show that corporate wellness programs can drastically reduce both! 

A recent Harvard study found that the average return on investment was $3.27 for every dollar spent! In addition to reducing costs, these preventative programs have proven to significantly build and sustain company loyalty, boost morale and productivity, and strengthen communication and problem solving skills. 

Employers offering wellness programs also experience improved recruitment and retention (Did you know that 87% of employees consider wellness benefits when job hunting??) as well as a considerable decrease in absenteeism and presenteeism. Above all, establishing a workplace wellness program tells your employees that they are valued and appreciated.



VIE HEALING is proud to be at the forefront of bringing wellness to corporate environments, offering healing modalities and elevating the employee experience. Depending on the needs of your team, we are able to provide services on site or in our peaceful West Hollywood spa.

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Benefit to you + Employees

Worksite wellness programs are a great investment in your company's most important asset -- your workers!
Research shows that employees perform their best when they are in optimal physical and psychological health as well as when they feel valued in the workplace.

Overall Employee Wellness = Success

VIE HEALING specializes in bringing Chinese Traditional Medicine modalities and centuries-proven practices to support wellness of the body, mind, and spirit in the modern world. Our holistic services can reduce stress and headaches, improve immune systems, and concentration, and increase energy and overall wellness. In turn, sickness, health costs, and workplace conflict are minimized while productivity, morale, and company loyalty grow.


Let VIE HEALING create the perfect package for your company! Offer up to 100 employees the healing treatments that they deserve in order to promote wellness, unity, and productivity in the workplace. We would love to visit your office to provide mini sessions or full length session bi-monthly, monthly, seasonally, or whatever fits the company's needs.

Cost: $250 / hour (4 hour minimum) $2500 / one type of treatment for a full day

Have over 100 employees? We would be happy to arrange a custom package to fit your business!


By simply submitting your insurance information we can get you in our offices and get your employees started on their customized path of wellness.

Enjoy the benefits of your insurance plan through our treatments!
(Plans must be a PPO plan).