From trigger point therapy, overall surface stimulation, and playful pulsations—VYBRA your tension away.

Crafted from luxuriously soft silicon, these powerful yet delicate tools offer an unrivaled connected experience. With adjustable power settings and water-safe construction, each vibration tool delivers a personalizable journey of deep release, enhanced circulation, and profound relaxation.

From targeted trigger point therapy to soothing overall surface stimulation and playful pulsations, the Enoki, Shroom, and Fig meet every need.

target point therapy

soothing stimulation

playful pulsations


Like your massage gun, but softer and without all the noise.


Acupressure stimulation. 24k gold magnets. Vibration therapy. All in one tool.

The world of Magnetic Vibration Therapy

Walk into the world of VYBRA, where the seamless integration of exquisite vibration tools and strategically placed body magnets transcends the conventional boundaries of wellness. Here, every nuance of your experience is carefully curated to deliver profound resonance, enhanced circulation, targeted pain relief, and an unparalleled sense of healing.

As you surrender to VYBRA, the gentle vibrational currents penetrate deep into sore muscles and nerve endings, unlocking channels of vitality you never knew existed. Unique and personal, VYBRA is crafted exclusively for you.

At the heart of VYBRA lies the venerable wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Meticulously placed magnets on specific acupressure points invigorate circulation, creating a harmonious stage for healing and release. Infused with the transformative power of vibration, a captivating dialogue unfolds between cells, organs, muscles, glands, and neurotransmitters, awakening your body and mind to an enriched state of healing.

VYBRA is more than a wellness experience; it’s an awakening. Feel it all shift as your body embraces the healing it deserves. VYBRA invites you to partake in this unique fusion of ancient wisdom and modern innovation, where each moment is an opportunity to intensify your wellness and embrace the transformative power within.

The Tools

The Enoki

Designed to access those deep, hard-to-reach release points, The Enoki offers pin-point accuracy and unparalleled effectiveness. Ideal for migraine sufferers, it effortlessly penetrates key areas such as the nape of the neck, third eye point, temples, and even the sciatic nerve. With its gentle yet powerful tip and three adjustable power settings, you can customize the intensity to suit your needs.


The Shroom

The Shroom was expertly designed to target sensitive spots with exquisite care. Its delicate shape effortlessly stimulates lymphatic points, offering soothing relief and promoting optimal lymphatic drainage. Designed for broader but soft touch, it is perfect for areas such as the bottoms of the feet, under arms, quads, groin, and more. Experience the profound release and relaxation as it works its magic on sore muscles, providing much-needed comfort.


The Fig

Crafted to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and made from luxurious, buttery-soft silicone, this gentle yet powerful vibrator is designed to awaken your inner being and indulge your senses. With its ideal size and pin-point accuracy, the Fig's each interaction is precisely tailored to meet your desires and needs.


How to VYBRA

Step 1: Identify Acupressure Points

Utilize expertly curated body maps to pinpoint TCM acupressure points for targeted stimulation. These maps guarantee precise identification, leading to tailored relief, release, and heavenly comfort.

Step 2: Place Magnets

Once acupressure points are identified, place magnets precisely on corresponding areas. These magnets interact with your energy field, promoting tension release, comfort, and alleviation of aches and pains for a profound sense of well-being.

Step 3: Initiate Vibrational Stimulation

Use the vibration tool to initiate magnetic resonance stimulation at the magnet point. Customize the experience with twelve power settings. Engage in revitalizing stimulation for 2-3 minutes or until desired results are achieved.


Experience numerous benefits, including pain relief, improved circulation, and enhanced healing effects. The combination of magnets and vibration promotes increased blood flow, reduces tension, and stimulates the body's natural healing processes.


This method is adaptable to your needs. Use it as frequently as desired, allowing the healing benefits to unfold at your own pace. Achieve natural healing benefits and enjoy pain relief, improved circulation, and an overall profound sense of well-being.