Ear Seeding; Chinese Medicine 101 with VIE HEALING

Ear Seeding; Chinese Medicine 101 with VIE HEALING

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Mona Dan is a self-described acupuncturist, herbalist, tea lover, traveler, mama, holistic lifestyle leader and passionate health educator. Her acupuncture practice, Vie Healing, represents a holistic lifestyle that goes far beyond health fads, juicing and quick fixes. It’s a healing medicine, merged together with the wisdom of the East and the knowledge of the West, offered for those seeking out wellness, healing and longevity. Here she chats with us about the power of holistic wellness, Chinese medicine and the practice of ear seeding, all of which will be further explored during her events at our Santa Monica Pop-Upthis month!

How did vie healing come to life?

After I finished getting my masters in Chinese medicine and I started practicing, I wanted to connect the world to the incredible healing modalities and philosophy of Chinese medicine. Doing this one person at a time was incredible during treatments, but I wanted to be able to connect to more people at a given time. This is where our product line and lifestyle line came to life. Providing daily rituals to achieve wellness while learning a different perspective on how our bodies work, how the environment affects us and little habits we can make to live a life of healthy longevity.

What are some of the benefits of incorporating holistic wellness into your lifestyle?

Aside from feeling better in the moment, the purpose of it all is to have a easier and healthier life as we age. Nourishing our adrenals and perserving our body’s internal organs helps us to age well.

Your pop-up event dives deeper into understanding the body from an Eastern perspective. Tell us a bit about the general philosophy behind Chinese medicine and how it can work with traditional/western healing practices…

The best part of Chinese medicine is that it’s totally complimentary to western medicine. The philosophy of Chinese medicine lies in the understanding that our blood, organs and nervous system have a bigger personality than what we know of them in the western sense. For example, we find that our emotions are held in our blood — why, when we feel something. we feel it everywhere. Also, regarding western practices, the nature of that medicine is often based around diagnosing a client and providing a Band Aid. This is great for many issues; however, whole treatment requires much more. We have people walking into our office with the same diagnosis, but the treatment they might receive is very different.

The practice of ear seeding is foreign to many. Describe the connection between the ear and healing…

Yes, just like reflexology maps of the hands and feet, our ears also contain a microsystem. When these points are stimulated, relax centers in the brain start firing and begin release endorphins to relax and reset the nervous system. There is a direct relationship with the ears and the brain. The stimulation of the ear ignites internal healing.

What goes down in a typical ear seeding session?

We ask the patient what he/she are hoping to treat, whether it be pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia…etc. Then, we look at the ear. If we observe any raised, dry, red areas, we administer seeds or needles and then add a point prescription protocol, too.

What are your everyday beauty + wellness essentials?

Incorporating adaptogens to assist my nervous system to better respond to my environment, hydrating with teas that host extra beneficial ingredients, using bath salts to enhance my nightly bath routine, and organic handmade soaps to cleanse the largest organ of the body — our skin! I use jade rollers to help close my pores after the hot bath, and handmade organic Turkish towels to make the experience next-level, because they’re so absorbent, comfortable and gorgeous!!

Animal you most resemble?

A peacock, because it’s said that as they drop and re-grow new feathers they are connected to renewal, rebirth and immortality. They are known to also heal themselves internally.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I went through so many stages, but they all involved helping others. I really wanted to be a firefighter, then I wanted to be some type of doctor (that had nothing to do with needles). Quite ironically, all I do today is needle people!!

What does “free” mean to you?

To be free to me means being one with my thoughts, emotions and actions and loving the environment I’m in.