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We'd love to paint ourselves as lemon water–drinking, sun-saluting morning folk, but the reality is (and only speaking for some of us here) our morning reality looks more like a snooze button hit at least 10 times and a mad dash out the door. However, studies show that "morning people" are reportedly happier and healthier than night owls and are also more successful in the workspace. People who work out in the morning are also shown to be more consistent with their fitness regimens, so as tempting as it may be asleep an extra hour or two in the morning, you're doing your body and your mind a disservice.

If you still can't grasp the idea of setting your alarm for an earlier time, take a look at the below wellness gurus who make the most of their mornings and maximize their "me" time in the name better themselves, mind, body, and soul.

founder of Moon Juice

"I start the day with meditation. I wouldn't have the capacity to be nearly as ambitious without a daily practice of de-stressing with meditation and adaptogen intake. It centers, focuses, and controls cortisol levels, which effect everything from hormones to gut health and mood. This is the foundation for slowing the body's aging and operating with grace for true beauty. I cleanse with a mineral bar soap, use a botanical gel I've been playing around with formulations for, add a few drops of pure pressed carrot seed oil, and finish with a sunscreen on my eyes and forehead.

"I'm then usually 30 minutes late to wherever I'm headed, and I blend up a quick Moon Dust latte en lieu of coffee. I switch up the ingredients from time to time, but right now I'm blending almond milk, Vanilla Mushroom Protein, Sex Dustand pearl to get that extra skin nourishment from the inside out."

Acupuncturist, Herbalist, and Owner of Vie Healing

"Starting my day always ends up a little bit in a hurry, but I always make sure to start my day with the following_

  • "Checking my tongue: I want to see what it looks like. Dry, pink sighs, purplish—these little details suggest what's going on internally.

  • "Make a cup of hot tea_ Depending on the day, I choose a different blend.

  • "Enjoy a warm breakfast to rev up my metabolism. I avoid cold foods in the morning because they give that afternoon crash. I want to support my adrenals and provide warmth to boost their potential."

meditation expert, reiki master, intuitive healer, and empowerment coach

"Positive affirmations: I wake up, and before touching my feet to the ground, I take some deep breaths and place my hands on my heart and begin by sending reiki to myself and saying positive affirmations for the day. I often wake up with a sense of already being behind or anticipating all of the things happening in my day. It's so essential for me to shower myself with new thoughts, positive feelings and intentions for the day in order to overcome the initial wave of not enough-ness that tries to seep in.

"Mindful meditation: I'll then sit up and mindfully meditate and start to see my day flowing with joy, ease and grace. I'll always set a couple of intentions for the day, even if I don't know what's ahead, it can be as simple as "My intention is to have a fun, easy and joy-filled day." If time permits, I will also do three minutes of breath work with essential oils and possibly some EFT (emotional freedom technique) if my anxiety is kicking in.

"Peppermint oil: I love placing a drop of ingestible peppermint oil on the roof of my mouth to open up my sense and follow it with a few drops on the palms and some deep breaths to awaken the body.

"Movement: As soon as I get out of bed, I consciously connect to my body with some stretches, light movements and breath to flow movement and welcome my body into the day.

"Hydration: I start every morning with lemon water and some adrenal homeopathic capsules to balance myself, and I'll make a delicious, healthy and filling breakfast so I have fuel to start the day."

heart surgeon

"Our dogs get things going at 4_40 a.m. every morning_ a big cup of black coffee; some Morning Joewith my wife, Penny, and the four dogs—Pearl, an 85-pound female labradoodle; Mini-Pearl, a 20-pound female labradoodle; Sadie, a tricolor female Cavalier King Charles spaniel, and George, a rescue male cross (we think) of a small Akita and a Wheaton—then leash them up and out the door around 5 or 5_30 a.m. for a 2.5-mile jog (with stops for George to mark some territory). Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, it's off to Rhythm Ride spin class for an hour at 6 a.m.; Sunday is Power Pilates. Throw in some hikes in the hills of Palm Springs or Montecito. Office starts at 8 a.m., seven days a week.

"In the summer, I drink the green smoothie from my book, The Plant Paradox, with Gundry MD Vital RedsPrimal PlantsPrebiothrive, and Heart Defense mixed in. From January to May, I eat nothing for breakfast or lunch during the week (the reasoning is in the book)."

certified culinary nutritionist, holistic health coach, recipe creator, and travel writer

"Before 9 a.m., I do the following_

  • "7 a.m.: I always keep a 500-milliliter water bottle on my bedside table, and if I haven't finished it before morning, I make sure to finish it before jumping out of bed.

  • "7:15 a.m.: Brush teeth using Dr. Bronner's toothpaste and wash face with Tracie Martyn cleanser.

  • "7:30 a.m.: Drink warm water with half a lemon and a splash of apple cider vinegar.

  • "7:45 a.m.: 1 cup raspberries for fiber and to kick-start digestion.

  • "8 a.m.: 30-minute run.

  • "8:45 a.m.: Breakfast of GG's crackers and scrambled eggs."

nutritionist and New York Times best-selling author

"The first thing I do in the morning when I wake up is a morning meditation. Starting your morning with meditation (even one or three minutes!) or mindful breathing allows you to become more aware and in tune with your body and helps keep you peaceful and grounded within yourself the whole day.

"I start the day every morning with a mug of hot water with lemon. Lemon aids with digestion by increasing the secretion of bile from the liver while also acting as a strengthening agent to the liver's enzymes. Lemon supports digestion in the colon, promoting the elimination of waste more efficiently and regularly. It also acts as a blood purifier and as a cleansing agent to flush out bacteria and toxins in the body. These properties in aiding digestion make it also helpful in long-term cleansing. Although it has natural citric acids, lemon is actually alkaline-forming upon digestion.

"Every morning I take two of my SBO Probiotics. The right kinds of probiotics are a powerful combination that promotes beauty, improving your digestion and leading significant improvements in your overall health, wellness, and beauty. I am a big fan of soil-based organism (SBO) probiotics, which mimic the natural beneficial bacteria found in soil that our ancestors used to ingest in small amounts on unwashed veggies from the garden.

"The first thing I eat in the morning is my Glowing Green Smoothie. The GGS is the ultimate energy and beauty booster. It's loaded with greens, lemon juice, and high-fiber fruit to pack a mega-punch of vitamins, enzymes, minerals such as blood-building iron, amino acids, and fiber. Its high amounts of fiber combined with the enzymes help to flush pollutants and toxins out of your body, which is important for long-term vitality and youthfulness."

co-founder of CAP Beauty

"I wake up at 6 a.m., do transcendental meditation, snuggle with the kids and my husband, make breakfast and lunch for the crew, and practice headstands with my daughter, Sally. It's all about setting myself up to have a smooth day. This might mean dinner prep, a quick workout, or a check-in with my business partner, Kerrilynn."

co-founder of CAP Beauty

"I wake up and do transcendental meditation, make herbs and matcha for my husband and myself, light some incense, and get back in bed for cozy time with the doggies and John. We talk about our day, and then I'll do some Kundalini, take a very cold shower, and be on my way. The day has begun."

founder of ModelFit

"Before 9 a.m., I never look at my phone until I get a meditation in. Golden rule. I also drink hot water with lemon and typically get in exercise. Most importantly, I breathe. At 9 a.m., I drink a cold-brew coffee."

co-founder of Lumion

"The first thing I do in the morning is make my bed—the day should always start with a small completed task. I then drink a large glass of water; it is important for me to rehydrate and get my metabolism going. After I'm hydrated, I make sure to get a workout in—it gets my body moving and allows me to set my intention for the day."

founder of YogaGlo

"It depends on the morning. If I don't set out on an early bike ride, I start with either yoga asana followed by meditation or qigong followed by meditation. The idea for me is always some movement followed by meditation. When I ride, I ride my mountain bike on the fire roads in the Santa Monica Mountains."


"My days can get pretty hectic, and I travel relatively often, so I try to keep my morning routine as consistent as possible. It starts at 5_30 a.m., with a quick scan of my inbox to make sure there are no major red flags that need to be dealt with. Then I drink water because honestly everyone says you should drink it in the morning, and you should—it truly does make a difference. I have two large glasses of water and then turn my espresso machine on to warm up. While the espresso machine warms up I do a quick 30-minute workout. Whether I'm at home, at the gym, or in a hotel room, it's a circuit that is simple and has become a big ritual for me. I diffuse spruce and grapefruit essential oil or eucalyptus with sweet orange in my diffuser and do the following workout_

  • 10 minutes of lunges and squats 

  • 10 minutes of core exercises and planks using my own body weight 

  • 10 minutes of push-up variations, as well as with bands

"For breakfast, I have an espresso with warm coconut milk and turmeric and a Vega vegan smoothie with almond milk, organic blueberries, and almond butter. I have had the same breakfast almost every day for the last four years, and I like the consistency it creates. While having breakfast I review my calendar for the day and flag any major tasks that need to be completed. I then journal for five to 10 minutes, and I find this is the best way to see where my own personal energy is at and helps me set intentions and reflect on the energy I want to approach the day with.

"A quick shower using eucalyptus and peppermint essential oil to help open the lungs and promote deep breathing as the start of the day. I drop three drops of each into my hands while in the shower and rub them together, and the heat from the shower helps diffuse the scent and it reminds me to take deep breaths (this is a game changer for the morning).

"Makeup and hair is simple; my skincare routine and makeup are all organic, and then to set my makeup I use Vitruvi's Still Face & Body Mist.

"I'm out the door by 7_30 a.m. and walk to my office by 8 a.m. with my dog, Charlie."