PAIDU Detox Supplements

Replenish your body for the deepest clean with blood-boosting, purifying herbs that support your detox. This concentrated blend removes toxins by invigorating and strengthening the blood, while hydrating your insides.

VIE HEALING is not in the business of stripping your body from toxins forcefully. We believe in building your blood and energy together so the body is nourished enough to release the toxicity it’s holding on to. In Chinese medicine we believe that when we are weak, our bodies hold on to everything and anything because the body is desperate, but when the body is nourished enough, it will let go of the toxicity its holding on to and rebuild itself with the nourishing elements given to it. If you feel drained but need a good detox, this is the supplement for you. 

BENEFITS Purifies blood, strengthens immunity, rejuvenates and detoxes body.

INCLUDES 1 jar — 120 tablets (30-day supply)

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PAIDU Detox Supplements
PAIDU Detox Supplements
PAIDU Detox Supplements